This section is one of the most important in the RADIO configuration. It consists of preparing all camera viewing angles that will then be used by the AI for the automatic filming, in accordance with the audio detection.

The configuration of camera Presets is divided into 3 categories:

Solo Presets

They are intended to cover a participant, and therefore focused on one microphone. The Artificial Intelligence will draw into these shot types in accordance with the individual speaking.

Wide Presets

These are very wide viewing angles, generally covering the entire area. They are generally on air when no active microphone is detected, or as a cutaway shot to release an on-air camera, in accordance with the AI settings.

Combo Presets

They cover a minimum of 2 microphones and are intended to have several participants appear in the same shot. They will be chosen in the situations where several people are talking at the same time. It is not necessary to create all possible combinations - the watchword here being quality before everything else.

Presets Banks

Preset banks are used to manage several camera preset configurations and thus allow specific achievements according to the tasks.