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Overview INSITU Interface

1 - General controls zone

Here you can start, stop and configure recording (see Recording) and streaming (see Live Streaming), set up joystick (see Controller configurations), and control audiomixer (see AUDIO MIXER).

2 - Preview zone

Here you can see your inputs and a program preview.

3 - Work zone

Here you have the control section for the tools that will be enabled in the Tools zone.

4 - Tools zone

Here you can choose different tools to create program.

  • BLACK OUT: allows you to immediately black out content for privacy purposes
  • TIMER: launch timer
  • SET IN/ SET OUT: use it to create live extracts
  • LAYOUT: use it to change input compositions (See Layout)
  • SOURCES: use it for direct access to cameras inputs (See Sources)
  • MASKS: use it for creating masks to hide names or some regions on inputs (See Masks)
  • PRESETS: use it configure PTZ cameras presets (See Presets)
  • TAG: use it to enable/disable TAG panel (See Tags)