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Mic Speakers

In this section of the Live interface, you can establish the list of participants and attribute them to microphones for automated titling.

To start, click on .

To use the automatic titling, you must have a SCENE containing a Speaker element.

If this is not the case, a message will warn you: "No suitable Speaker in current Scene". In which case, click on to create it.

If not, the list of speakers shall appear.

Add a Speaker

Click on to add a name to the list.

Fill in the fields for the Speaker created then validate with or cancel the input with

Assign a Speaker to a Microphone

Click on a Workspace microphone to start the allocation.

Then click on an item from the list to assign the name to this microphone.

Disassociate the speaker from a microphone

Select a microphone on the Workspace, then click on to disassociate the name.

Delete a Speaker from the list

Select a name from the list.

Modify the desired fields, then validate with or cancel the input with

When you have finished managing the Mic Speakers, click on to go back to Live mode.