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Launch INSITU system

After having clicked on the INSITU system icon, the solution launches.

Template Choice

You can choose the working video format. It determines your output resolution, for the recording for example. You can mix many different input signals (for example, a 720p with a 1080i). See Video Settings.

You also determine the video inputs (PC INPUT and the number of cameras). The interface adapts in accordance with the available space.

Click on to modify a template or on to add a new one.

Click on NEXT to launch INSITU with the chosen configuration.



The initialization process lasts a few seconds whilst it detects the different sources, recognizes the camera models, used and verifies the correct communication for the camera control.

If the chosen Template consists of 3 cameras and only 2 cameras are detected, the third will be considered a manual camera.

If the initialization is stopped and an error is detected, please check the Connections and the power to the different system sources.

If everything is correct, the main interface opens immediately: Overview INSITU Interface.

You can, at any time, modify your video and sound input formats: Settings.