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The first stage of the RADIO system configuration. Create the visual representation of your studio. This interactive diagram will be used throughout the RADIO configuration.

Shape of the table

Start with the illustration of the table. You can use the predefined shape (“Shape”).

Adjust the shape by manipulating the handles.

If none of the shapes match, import a real image, such as a photo taken from above in the studio, via the button.


The cameras declared in the SETTINGS (A/V Section) and detected will directly appear in the area. Move them by dragging and dropping the corresponding button:

for a PTZ camera and for a fixed camera. You can also change the direction to give a visual indication of the target.


Then, indicate the number of microphones present in the studio.

Move them by dragging and dropping the corresponding button:

Adjust button size with Mic Zoom line

The number of microphones cannot then be modified without resetting the configuration.

The next step in the configuration, MICS, is optional. It allows you to allocate properties to the microphones that will help the representation (customized name) or the Artificial Intelligence.