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You can adjust yours cameras, including the wide shots, at any time during the automatic shooting.

You have 2 choices to adjust your camera :

- RE FRAME :Click on the microphone you need to adjust by clicking on its number in the Workspace.

The RE-FRAME, it's doing in the PREVIEW, don't in live. If you select a camera which already on live to re-frame, the automation will select an other camera (the Wide shot normally) to continue the automation.

- SHOT ADJUST, unlike RE-FRAME, Shot Adjust adjusts the camera which already on live. During you adjust the camera on live, the automation stopped and all modifications that you do are diffused on live.

To use the Shot Adjust, click on .

The camera control box will appear.

To enable Virtual joystick click on . Virtual joystick control you will find in the Workspace area.


Be careful not to make any radical changes to the preset.
For example, if you modify a wide by making it close-up, the AI will no longer be adapted because it will continue to see the preset as a “Wide”.

If you use the “manual” settings, such as White Balance, Focus or Exposure, any change in the scene (items, participants, lights) will not be taken into account and you risk having significant differences between the cameras.

The filming will be paused. It will resume:

  • after validation with or cancellation withthe modifications carried out on the current preset.
  • once the counter for returning to the automation has completely run out
  • after clicking on or on

The shot adjust feature can therefore also be used to pause the automatic filming on an on-air shot.
This is another way to take momentary control of the filming.
As is the case with semi-automatic mode.


In order to verify or modify the depth of your camera viewing angles, go to the SETTINGS via and modify the PRESETS.

multiCAM proposes an automatic adjustment to the shots via the AUTO-FRAMING module.
This is a facial recognition algorithm that allows you to reframe the participant automatically!