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Scenes Management

multiCAM ASSIST allows you adjust ONAIR and NEXT Scenes (See Introduction to Scenes).

NEXT Scene management

The ASSIST interface allows you to prepare a scene before going on air. If the Scene is not yet on air, any scene selected from the top carousel will be considered as a NEXT SCENE. It will have an orange frame.

Select the data you want to display when the scene will appear ON AIR. Then click on

This icon identifies that a selection is active in a list of data for a title. Click on it to deselect automatically.

ONAIR Scene management

The ONAIR scene appears in red the red frame. A button at the bottom right switches between NEXT and ONAIR.

You can mange ONAIR scene in different ways:

  • Go to the next (or previous) line.
    If the content has been already prepared, it will be easy for you to display the next element by clicking on :.
  • Updating one data at a time.
    Select the new data and click on
  • Updating multiple data at once.
    Make your selection (or deselection) with in the different columns and click on .
  • Erasing one data at a time.
    In the same way as for the update, a button to delete a data and another to remove everything .