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Troubleshooting issues

Dropped Calls

In the event that a guest connection breaks while they are On-Air, the last frame sent to the studio in the video feed for that guest channel will be preserved, allowing the guest to reconnect in the background. AIR BRIDGE will wait for the guest to reconnect. The remote guest should just refresh the page link they received in their invite, and they will connect back to the production. When reconnected, click the button to bring the guest back to the studio smoothly.

Bad Guest Connections

Ideally, guests should connect in an environment that optimizes their internet speed. However, it is possible that a guest could join with a slow connection. The individual Guest Control Panels have HD/SD/LD/Audio switches that force the resolution of the incoming feed for a smoother input stream.



If the video definition is changed to the lowest definition and the guest’s connection is still slow, AIR BRIDGE provides the option to eliminate their video feed entirely and work with just audio. This option is after the Low Definition option in the Guest Control Panel.

After the definition setting is selected, it is important to press the green icon to implement the selected definition option. This can be done while a guest is On-Air or Off-Air.