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The multiCAM IP server box allows you to connect IP and NDI® video sources. There are no video capture cards inside, so audio has to be received through Sound Devices (USB or AOIP).

This 2 RU unit (ears included) is recommended for Webcast quality production mixing up to 4 HD video feeds (720 50p, 720 30p, 1080 50i, 1080 60i, 1080 25p, 1080 30p).

System connectivity I/O


Video inputs/outputs (display monitor)
• IP streams only (NDI, IP, RSTP, ...)

Audio inputs
• Virtual sound devices (USB, AOIP)

• 1x 1/4’’ Line in Jack

• 2x Gigabit LAN

• 1x 128GB SSD Hard Drive (System)
• 1x 1TB 7200rpm Hard Drive (Records)
• 4x USB 3.0 + 2x USB 2.0
• 4x mini-Displayport with DP and HDMI adaptors
• 1x 1/4’’ Headphones Jack

Hardware / Software

Voltage: 220V 50-60Hz

Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64bits

Video performances

The multiCAM IP BOX can achieve video mixing while encoding for recording and live streaming.

HD video mixing
• up to 4x Video feeds (IP/NDI) / 720 50p, 720 30p, 1080 50i, 1080 60i, 1080 25p, 1080 30p.

HD video encoding
• 2x MP4 H.264 (GPU)

Physical specifications

Unit dimensions: 245mm (19’’) W x 90mm (2U) H x 220mm D
Packed dimensions: 250mm W x 140mm H x 320mm D
Unit weight: 3,5 kg
Packed weight: 4,5 kg