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SPIRIT DOLLY is a versatile rail system that allows you to create the smoothest shots with the most flexibility both for indoor and outdoor events.

Key Features

Curved rails travel, any size and paths

Free-D compatible

Versatile and compatible with SPIRIT Lift and Head

Remote control via web interface, remote panel or PILOT

SPIRIT Dolly is a remote controlled high speed rail system. It moves along a 400mm wide railtracks at a speed up to 3 meters per second.

Its smoothness and ergonomy make the DOLLY the best dolly systems for all type of shooting indoor our outdoor.

All speed, acceleration, and travel parameters are adjustable depending on your needs.

With a telescopic column, SPIRIT Lift, and a SPIRIT Head on top of it, you get a complete traveling system for achieving breathtaking shots.

FreeD compatible

Like all robotics in the SPIRIT line, DOLLY can communicate its position in space in real-time via the FreeD protocol so it can be used by any virtual production solution like BACKDROP and its fellows Zero Density, Pixotope, Disguise,…

Because of the curve, spatial calibration is required. Thanks to the multiCAM TRACKER software, tracking data of devices are aggregated to communicate the coordinates of a global virtual camera under a single FreeD signal.

The use of curved rails requires the use of external tracking to calibrate the rail path. We provide an innovative process to perform this calibration, using a Vive tracker. Of course, any other tracking solution can also be used: Mo-Sys, Stype, NCam.

Intuitive and precize control

We have designed control surfaces that allow operators precision control along with unparalleled ergonomics. With an IP connection, the multiCAM CONTROL PANEL can control the trolley and also the column, the head, the zoom, and the optical focus.

With the multiCAM PILOT solution, you benefit from the ergonomic and intuitive interface to control up to 6 robotics and cameras at the same time.

With it, you’ll be able to preprogram and create incredibly precise movement sequences.


Encoder Incremental / Track Encoded
Resolution 1505 Counts/cm
Accuracy 0.000664 cm
Travel 14 Km
Max Velocity 0.88 m/s (Soft limited) Max theoretical 3.3 m/s
Torque 9,77 Nm
Remote control IP with Web interface, SPIRIT Joystick, multiCAM Suite, UDP (SPIRIT protocol)
Genlock Black Burst / Tri-Level
Compatibility SPIRIT Lift
Tracking Free-D (encoding data or auto-tracking with AR pack)
Network 3x RJ45 (Dolly+Lift+Head)
Power IN 24Vdc 8A
Power OUT 12Vdc 5A (XLR 4 points for camera)
24Vdc (XLR 3 points for HEAD)
220Vdc (PC)
Dimensions 730mm x 480MM x 210mm
Weight 35kg


Spirit LIFT

Spirit HEAD



  • With Multicam RADIO integration with our paoyout system gives us so many options and we can now monetize the show with the visual radio!
    Drew Pinkney READ THE STORY

  • "I was dreaming about a system like that, Multicam did it! Easy-to-use, fully automated, just perfect!"

  • We liked MULTICAM Team reactivity and skills to integrate what we needed for the Articial Intelligence engine.
    John Huybrechs Technical Director at Bel RTL READ THE STORY 

  • The multiCAM system allows us to be more innovative, fast, and to stream video very easily. As it's designed specifically for on-air talent or producers, they tend to get more comfortable and involved in this new task. The final product is really natural and has a greater impact on the listener/viewer. Jose Loureiro Ass. Technical Director at Radio Renascença READ THE STORY 

  • Today, thanks to multiCAM we're able to better interact with and serve our audience. The visual production systems have also eased our digital workflow, so overall we're making better content and able to easily and quickly share it over multiple platforms. Juan Ignacio Lara Producer at 13Radios READ THE STORY 






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