Transform your station into a powerful multimedia platform
The multiCAM RADIO uses artificial intelligence to produce video using audio detection.

Automatically choose the best shot

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithm chooses the best camera preset according who is speaking and switches the shot the way a human operator would.

Integrated with radio environment

Our Visual Radio solution is integrated into “Radio World” with audio consoles’ protocols natively supported for microphone and audio detection, metadata from playout automation softwares.

Record, live stream, podcast

Broadcast your Visual Radio show to major video platforms to reach a wider audience. RADIO lets you engage with your audience even more and keeps them tuned in by integrating with social media.

integrated with audio consoles :

and playout automation softwares :

Visualize your Workspace

Custom design your studio according to the position of your microphones, cameras, and talent.

The workspace tool lets you easily configure the system for your studio.

During the live session, you can switch to Semi-Automated mode by clicking on a specific microphone to override the automation and select a different speaker.

Various shot angles

Each microphone can be covered by different cameras and shot angles.
You define the shots for each microphone.Using PTZ camera support, you can manage up to 128 different shots per camera.Each shot can be prioritized.

Speaker detection & AI

The system chooses the right shot according to the speaker detection.

In real time, our Artificial Intelligence engine selects the best shot, based on who is speaking.

Recalling of camera presets and switching is fully automated.

The resulting live program is as natural and dynamic as one a human operator created.

Visual Scenes

Automated graphic scenes and auto-titling

Import your logo, choose your fonts and colors then design the program.

Each speaker is automatically titled.

You define which scenes will display depending on the current event that’s playing from the automation software.

Your broadcast is rich, interactive and dynamic… With no human intervention !

Social Media ingest

Engage your audience with social media

Our social media moderation app, Re:ACT, is available as an option to add engagement to your broadcast.

It lets you browse, edit et select messages from different plaforms (Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, Whatsapp,…).

Moderated messages will automatically be displayed on the live video program.

Recording & Live Streaming everywhere

Reach a larger audience with online video

multiCAM RADIO works with all major video platforms: youTube, Facebook Live, Dailymotion, Kaltura…

Once your recording is done, our PUBLISHER module broadcasts it. Just define your workflow ahead of time and everything else happens automatically !





•     3U Server Unit rackable
•     24’’ HD Touchscreen
•     Joystick
We can choose your box (3RU server) depending of the number of video sources you need.


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