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No technical skills needed to create professional broadcast videos!



Produce live video with no training, no post production needed.

Key Features

• Easy to use & intuitive interface

After only 30 minutes of demonstration, you are ready to produce live video.

Take advantage of PTZ Cameras

You can control up to 5 HD-SDI PTZ Cameras and more with IP.
With the joystick and 6 visual presets per camera, you have a large number of angles.

Record, live stream, podcast

Broadcast your Visual Radio show to many platforms to engage a wider audience. We offer solutions for interactivity and social media networks for the ultimate viewer experience.


Broadcast technology is no longer restricted to pro-users

MULTICAM STUDIO delivers all the features of a broadcast video solution with an intuitive and ergonomic interface.

You don’t need to have a strong training and video skills – our solution is touchscreen with only the buttons you need.

Various shot angles

You get 6 presets per camera, with a thumbnail to visualize it.

Each preset records all the settings of the camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom, White Balance, Exposure, Focus).

Just click on the thumbnail to instantly recall the angle of shot. Adjust it with a precise joystick.

With one hand on the touchscreen interface and the other on the joystick, you have the power of 5 people!

Enrich your content production

The system chooses the right shot according to the speaking detection.

The system has a built-in CG engine, so you can design your titlings and manage data directly to the system.

Grab your logo, fonts and colors or easily customize one of our templates, and your show is ready.

The live program is dynamic and attractive for the viewers.

Social Media ingest

Engage your audience with the moderation and social media messages integration

We offer a Windows app that let’s you browse, edit, select messages coming from Facebook and Twitter.

The system will automatically display these messages on the live program.

Recording & Live Streaming everywhere

Enhance your audience with online video

MULTICAM STUDIO is compliant with all video platforms: YouTube, Facebook Live, Dailymotion, Kaltura…

With PUBLISHER module, you just have to define your publishing workflow and after recording, everything is automated!

With our Social Media moderation app, you add interactivity with your audience.


Choose the server box

MULTICAM STUDIO standard package includes :

•     3U Server Unit rackable (up to 5x HD-SDI inputs)
•     23’’ HD Touchscreen
•     Joystick

We can choose your box (3RU server) depending of the number of video sources you need.

•    4+1 Box : 4x HD-SDI inputs + 1x HD-SDI input or ouput + 1x HD-SDI and HDMI  output

•    8+1 Box : 8x HD-SDI inputs + 1x HD-SDI input or ouput + 1x HD-SDI and HDMI  output

•    IP Box : no HD-SDI or HDMI inputs/outputs, only IP


mCAMII PTZ Camera 

mCAMII Camera Case



  • With Multicam RADIO integration with our paoyout system gives us so many options and we can now monetize the show with the visual radio!
    Drew Pinkney READ THE STORY

  • "I was dreaming about a system like that, Multicam did it! Easy-to-use, fully automated, just perfect!"

  • We liked MULTICAM Team reactivity and skills to integrate what we needed for the Articial Intelligence engine.
    John Huybrechs Technical Director at Bel RTL READ THE STORY 

  • The multiCAM system allows us to be more innovative, fast, and to stream video very easily. As it's designed specifically for on-air talent or producers, they tend to get more comfortable and involved in this new task. The final product is really natural and has a greater impact on the listener/viewer. Jose Loureiro Ass. Technical Director at Radio Renascença READ THE STORY 

  • Today, thanks to multiCAM we're able to better interact with and serve our audience. The visual production systems have also eased our digital workflow, so overall we're making better content and able to easily and quickly share it over multiple platforms. Juan Ignacio Lara Producer at 13Radios READ THE STORY 






We organize interactive and live demos so you can experience the future of live video production and broadcsting with us!

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