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Sneak peek: Virtual Opendays

multiCAM BACKDROP is our system that allows you to project an interactive 3D environment on your LED/TV walls with functions specifically designed for television stations. With BACKDROP, stations can create fresh, innovative sets as part of their everyday workflow, without breaking the bank or hiring a team of experts to run the system.

The BACKDROP virtual illusion works because it knows in real-time where cameras are, using FreeD protocol. You can use any camera and robotics that speak FreeD.


Taking it to the next level is easy when stations combine BACKDROP with SPIRIT line. This is what we were showing you on Friday. This makes real-time tracking a super simple snap because all the robotics can share their position. TRACKER software combines all of it into one tracking signal per camera.

Incidentally, our SPIRIT products that we used during our demo were:

  • multiCAM PILOT: This allows a single camera operator to control up to 6 robotic cameras easily. You can use various models of PTZ cameras too.
  • Spirit DOLLY: Our versatile rail system.
  • Spirit HEAD: Our line of robust remote heads that support cameras up to 26 pounds.
  • Spirit LIFT: Our motorized column that can work together with Dolly and a Head, which gives you the flexibility of a crane with a small footprint.
  • multiCAM TRACKER: Allows you to combine and manage all your robotics tracking data.

You can use any of these elements with BACKDROP as well as with other systems. Our software and hardware products are designed by our team of engineers and manufactured to extremely precise technical standards in France and the United States.

Don’t wait, and ask today to book a demo for the upcoming virtual opendays!


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