multiCAM Introduces BACKDROP Virtual Production Tool

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multiCAM systems has released BACKDROP, a virtual background solution for a radio, podcast, small Web TV or automated broadcast production.

Through Augmented Reality, BACKDROP lets stations transport their presenters anywhere without them ever leaving the studio. It allows users to create lively animation that engages their audience and differentiates them from their competition. With BACKDROP a broadcaster’s morning talent can virtually broadcast from the beach. And the afternoon crew can air live from a ski resort or from anywhere else.

BACKDROP projects 3D images onto studio screens, creating an immersive experience and transporting guests at the snap of a finger. It allows users to easily create an interactive 3D environment and quickly generate AR graphics without ever leaving the studio.


The system comes with customizable templates to get you started. In addition, it’s possible to order specific graphics depending on requirements. DreamCorp powers  BACKDROP, which synchronizes with your MULTICAM system. It is fully automated and lets you control the scene, change the set and make widgets appear, offering your viewers an unprecedented immersive experience.

You can remotely control BACKDROP via a StreamDeck, an iPad or a web page to change your virtual background with one simple button. Easily brand your studio, station and shows, bringing visual radio to a whole new level.

Founded in 2010, MultiCAM systems designs and develops easy-to-use, tailor-made live production systems, which feature advanced video switching capabilities and PTZ camera technology for recording, podcasting, live streaming and visual radio. Focusing on the broadcast, corporate, live event, medical and e-learning markets, multiCAM systems offers a wide range of products.

These include multiCAM STUDIO, an all-in-one system for live video production; multiCAM RADIO, an automated visual radio studio that allows broadcasters to air programs live 24/7; multiCAM INSITU video production solution and multiCAM TRACKING, a video recording tool particularly suited for e-learning and conferencing purposes. The company also offers leading-edge solutions in robotics and AR as well as integrated systems that deliver cost-effective, state-of-the-art capabilities.

Learn about the magic of BACKDROP in this video.
Discover the entire range of MultiCAM production solutions here.

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