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Shot adjustments

Touch control

You can directly adjust the shot type of a selected camera.

Click and slide with your finger from the centre.

The more your finger moves away from the centre, the faster the the camera movement will be.

To get softer and smoother live shots, slowly bring the finger towards the centre (visual indicator).


Use the bar on the side to adjust the zoom level by sliding the button

You can also zoom in stages by clicking on one of the two buttons below:

  • Upwardsto zoom in
  • Downwardsto zoom out

As well as for movements, go back towards the centre to soften the movement


This control allows you to adjust the brightness of the shot, in order to adapt to the lighting conditions.

  • Click onto brighten
  • Downwardsto darken

Update the Preset

Any modification to the shot is saved to the called preset.

Click onto go back to the Present from the initial configuration.

Upon each E-LEARNING system launch, the shot adjustments are overwritten by the configured presets To permanently adjust, modify the Configuration of Presets.