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This section allows you to adjust the settings regarding the automatic and semi-automatic filming.

Certain advanced settings directly affect the Artificial Intelligence engine.
We therefore advise against adjusting them if you do not have real experience with the default settings.

  • Revert to automatic delay: Here you can modify the countdown to switch to automatic mode, after an adjustment to the shot or in semi-automatic operation.
  • Automation behavior: You might be tempted to disable these options if you do not want the AI to use wide shots in situations with dialog. This will negatively impact the diversity or the reactivity.
  • Advanced AI tuning: You will access the very specific Artificial Intelligence settings. We advise against manipulating them without the help of a MULTICAM Systems SAStechnician.
  • Delay after preset recall: After a recall of presets, the PTZ cameras have to adjust the image (focus, exposure, white balance). This delay avoids these adjustments being made on the air.
  • Detection policy: Here we offer algorithms for processing microphone input to adjust the detection sensitivity.
  • Diversity timings / Reactivity timings / Scores: We advise against modifying these values. They adjust the filming in detail.