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RADIO system configuration

As the RADIO system is fully automated, its configuration is a key step for the proper operation of the solution.

The configuration is divided into different steps:


Creation of an interactive synoptic that will guide you through the configuration and live use.
This is the top view of the studio with the position of the microphones and cameras.


This optional stage allows you to give names to your microphones, and to assign roles to them in order to influence the automatic filming.


It is in this section that the different camera viewing angles will be configured. The artificial intelligence will dip in to film automatically, depending on the person speaking.


Configuration of the communication with the audio console to retrieve the modulation of the microphones and therefore detect the person speaking.


This section allows you to adjust the settings regarding the automatic and semi-automatic filming.

Certain advanced settings directly affect the Artificial Intelligence engine. It is therefore not recommended that you make changes to it without real experience with the default settings.


Configuration of the communication with the radio automation software (also called Playout Automation Software) in order to receive the program events and automate the graphic presentation via SCENES.