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The MediaList allows you to create, organise and play with the media (images or videos) to enrich the project.

The MediaList allows you to manage any type of video launches: video loop, generic introduction, playlist of video subjects, etc...

The MediaList is based on the FFMPEG library, therefore allowing compatibility with a large choice of video formats.

The MediaList can be included in a Composition (cf. COMPOSER)

You can save different MediaLists as well as organise your content. See Management of MediaLists

Add a Media

Click on , in the lower left-hand side. The File Browser will open to allow you to choose a file.

Media Properties

Video Launching

Every Media has Playbackand Stop controls.

Depending on the AUTO-TAKE option, these controls will act on the on line availability of the Media in the Live mix.

Playback modes

You have 3 playback modes per media, in order to define the action to be processed at the end of the playback

  • will read the following media on the list
  • will switch to the last camera used
  • will loop the media

The MediaList can also be looped. At the bottom, click onto activate the list's loop mode.

Video editing

You can modify the input and output points of a video playback (Trim Video), in order to play just one part of the whole video.

Slide the terminalsandto define a playback segment.

Media options

Selecting a media, clicking on the text allows you to access the options:

  • Delete
  • Arrange

Setting on line


Click on to directly transfer onto the MediaList and start the playback, starting with the selected media.

Click a second time onto stop the playback and transfer to the previous on line source.


The engaged option, the Media playback will automatically start the switch (TAKE) to the MediaList.

Click a second time onto stop the playback and transfer to the previous on line source.


The engaged option, all audio sources will be muted during the Media playback.