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Configuration of Presets

Camera Presets

The first line concerns the 6 presets. You can view the camera used on each one.

Click on a preset to modify it.

Adjust the view angle to drag/drop. See Touch screen control.

Click onto use the 2nd camera instead of the 1st for the selected preset.

Cutaway views

Cutaway views are used when a preset recall on the same camera is currently being used.

In fact, without this, the shot would fail on the live project The system therefore uses a cutaway view (cut) to the other camera during the change to the shot types.

Configure a cutaway view for each camera, in the same process for personalising the camera presets.

PiP insert plan

Here you can choose the camera and shot types to use once you have selected a Camera/PC composition (Picture-in-Picture EffectA navigation link that lets you connect text in one topic to another topic (or a bookmark within a topic). Cross-references let you create "automated" links that are based on commands you provide. This allows you to keep links consistent and change them in just one place by using the "xref" style.).

Room Management

It is possible to have one mobile system for many rooms which are pre-equiped with cameras.

  • Click onto add a new room.
  • Click onto rename it.
  • Click onto remove it.
  • Use the drop-down menu to choose a room and modify its configuration.

When more than one room is configured, the system launch menu will allow you to choose from among the list.

Save the configuration

Click onto validate the Presets configuration.

Click on to cancel the modifications and return to the last saved point.