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Controlling Cameras

Every turret camera recognised by the system (see the system Launch LAUNCH of STUDIO system), can be controlled via the Joystick shortcut via the buttonor any other Joystick assigned via the Controller configurations.

The controlled camera appears in orange.

If the camera is on line, the frame of the preview will be red but the rest of the zone will be orange.

Controlling with a Joystick

The PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) movements assigned to the Joystick are generally:

  • PAN: Moving the stick from left to right
  • TILT: Moving the stick from high to low, similar to an aviation handle
  • ZOOM: Rotation of the upper part of the stick

The more substantial the range of movement, the more substantial the speed of the camera movement.

To get softer and smother live shots, bring the Joystick back to the starting position.

Camera settings

The group of camera settings options is accessible at the bottom of the interface:

The possible different settings according to the manufacturer.

To judge the quality of your adjustments, use the button to preview your sources or video output on full screen. A second click anywhere deactivates the full screen mode.


The additional controls are accessible via the buttonsituated in the upper right-hand corner of the camera settings: Controlling Cameras (more)


You have 6 presets per controllable camera. They are stored information on the position of the camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) and its settings (W/B, Focus, Exposure).

Save a preset

Click on to save a preset.

Then click on one of the 6 available locations. A label is then automatically created to represent the saved shot.

Recall a preset

Click on the label representing the shot you wish to recall.

An option is activated to stop the recall of presets of an on line camera.
Please consult the controller configuration Controller configurations for more info.