File Browser

The File Browser allows you to browse through your disks and folders to choose a media to import in MULITCAM: Images for TITLER, Videos for MEDIALIST, etc...

Folder browsing can be done via the left panel.

The selected media properties are summarised in the lower left-hand corner of the window.


The FileBrowser integrates the preview functions. All other files with an unknown or unexpected format are hidden. The viewing is simple and efficient.

Click onto view an image made bigger or to play a video:

Click onto go back to the list of files.

The images used for a title will be copied to an internal folder on the system. All other medias are read from their original location.

If your medias are on an removable disk or network, consider copying them into a folder on a local disk.


You have just inserted a disk, or a file has just been created? Click on to update the preview.

Folder Manipulation

The top line allows you to manage folders:

  • Create a folder
  • Rename a folder (unless it is protected by the system)
  • Delete (unless it is protected by the system)