From the system welcome screen (see System Launch), click onto open "Settings".

You will be asked to enter a password:

  • To access generally used settings, type “admin”
  • To access all possible settings, type “superadmin”

Do not connect via superadmin if you have technical training on the MULTICAM systems.

Video Settings

You can now change the capture format of every video input and the way in which you would like to recover the soundtrack.

Please consult the Input configuration section.


You can set the default recording format for all systems.

Please consult the Recording Configurations Recording Configuration.

Recording directory

Default directory containing recordings. You can modify it by clicking on

Split recording

An option to automatically split many video files every X minutes.

This option is especially recommended in order to avoid the loss of an entire recording in the event of a power failure. In fact, if the system unexpectedly shuts down, it will not be able to write the end of the file and read the recording.

Auto Copy

An option for automatic archiving in a particular folder at the end of the recording.

Live Streaming

Here you can configure your different streaming profiles. See Live Streaming Configuration.



Here you can adjust the video compression settings before publishing.

To do this, modify the resolution and the flow corresponding to the original recording format.


Configure the different FTP profiles to send your podcast from PULISHER.


This section concerns the configuration of the Pod1.Lille video platform.

Please contact your POD administrator for the module configuration.


This section is reserved for “superadmin” access.

Please contact the support team before modifying any setting found.


You can manage the different templates for each system.

In the case of STUDIO, you can manage the templates from the STUDIO launch.

For E-LEARNING and TRACKING in order to simplify the launch, if just one template is configured, it will be automatically selected. Add a template here to offer choices to the user or modify this one by default.

Product Key

This is where the machine product licences are managed.


Visual keyboard

By default, the visual keyboard is displayed for any text field entry. If you do not use the touch screen and prefer the “physical” keyboard, remove this option so that the visual keyboard does not appear anymore.

Machine Settings

  • Shutdown / Log off mode: Activate this option to display a dialogue box when shutting down the system.
    This offers the option of directly shutting down the computer. Or closing the user session (LOG OFF). This function is useful if you have configured a Windows account for the users and another for the administration.
  • VGA Slide detection: Activate the slide detection on the computer input. On each slide, an image capture is created and a marker is memorised in the metadata for the recording file. This option is useful for publishing a podcast on any platform that supports it.
  • STUDIO Presets locked: Use this for RADIO + STUDIO systems with turret cameras which do not have enough memory for Presets.

Account Management

  • Add user Password: This allows you to add user accounts by password. They will not have access to sections: Video Settings, Recording, Live Streaming, Publish
  • Update ADMIN Password: To modify the "admin” password


  • Pop-up duration: Display duration of a notification before it automatically disappears.
  • Filter notifications: Choose the types of notifications you wish to display.

API Setup

Multicam API

Here you can declare the users with the reference key in order to directly communicate with the MULTICAM system.

Twitter API

Here you can manage the connection to a Twitter account in order to receive tweets in a Title. See Activation of Twitter account.

Assist API

Configuration of system control via a MULTICAM ASSIST application, on a network.