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Image options

Images have different properties which determine the way in which they occupy their allocated area. These properties are important in the case of dynamic images which will not have the same resolution.

  • Keep A/R: The image will occupy the maximum of the zone while keeping it’s length/height ratio (aspect ratio).
  • Original: No matter the size of the zone, the image will keep its original size. If the zone is smaller than the resolution of the image, it will be hidden in places.
  • Stretch: The image will cover the entire zone at the risk of being stretched/compressed.
  • Fill A/R: The image will occupy the entire zone whilst keeping it’s length/height ratio, at the risk of being cropped if the zone is not large enough.

What’s more, you can specify an anchoring point. This anchoring point determines the alignment of the image in the zone.

Click onto load an image. A file explorer (see File Browser File Browser) appears in order to browse the files (BMP, JPG or PNG) of disks and networks available to the system.