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Panel Data

Click onto link data to your panel.

On the right-hand side, a button allows you to add, for each dynamic field, lines of data.

Dynamic texts

By default, all text fields are used as dynamic fields, this means that the value will be modified by the value in the selected data line. However, you may wish to set the content of certain text fields. To do this, click on .

This is the name of the object which will serve as the value of the text. To modify it, click on , select the text field and rename it by clicking on .

Dynamic Images

You can also manage Image data. A template, “Team Multicam”, allows you to see how it will look.

All you have to do is create an image object, position it where you want and make it dynamic by clicking on from the DATA tab.

In Data Manipulation Data Manipulation, after selecting the corresponding box, the File Browser opens to choose the image.

Data Manipulation


Dans le cadre des Scènes, une condition permet de sélectionner une ligne données en fonction des communications Console et Programme du MULTICAM RADIO. Voir Données d'un Panel (Scènes)