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The “Clock” Title allows you to embed dates and clocks.

Some examples:


The texts and images can be replaced by RSS feed elements. This is configured via the tab.


You have many Clock formats, which can be allocated to a text field. Select the type of clock in the drop-down menu next to the field:

  • Date: Current calendar date.
    Chose the display format on the right-hand side, via the drop-down Date menu.
    Choose between French, English and Spanish for the display language.
  • Time: Current time.
    Choose the desired display format via the drop-down Time menu.
  • Countdown: Counter. You have the choice between many types of counter
    • until: time count to a fixed date. For example, the time before the start of a programme by entering the time via the hours, min and sec fields.
    • starting from: time count for a fixed amount of time. For example, a 10 minute counter whatever time it is.
    • when countdown is elapsed: You can trigger an action, once the time has elapsed:
      • by default, nothing happens, do nothing
      • hide the countdown to make it invisible at the end
      • display this text to make a text field appear which will take the value of the text entered for this purpose. The text should have a selected property data Countdown elapsed
      • take off the group to make the Clock title disappear with the group of items.

    Use the preview and the playback controls to test the configuration of your clock.