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Number of video inputs

MULTICAM systems support up to 8 video inputs at the same time.

We offer 3 different server boxes depending on your need of physical connections (HD-SDI) :

  • 4+1 Box : up to 5 x HD-SDI inputs
  • 8 Box : up to 8 x HD-SDI inputs
  • IP Box : only IP streams (Ethernet)

Some systems like E-LEARNING or TRACKING are limited to 2 cameras + 1 PC input (software limitation).

Number of live streams

The standard server boxes allow up to 4 simultaneous streams.

The CPU can be used for 2 of them and the Graphic Card with Nvidia encoding can manage 2 more streams.

We offer an upgrade to increase the number of streams. This options is really useful for managing encodings for publication while the system is used for live.

Camera supported

MULTICAM supports all PTZ models from Sony (BRC series), Panasonic (HE series), Lumens (VC series) and PTZ Optics.
Any PTZ Camera like Datavideo or Newtek are Lumens inside so supported as well.

The PTZ control can be managed by RS232 or LAN. The signal has to be HD-SDI or IP stream (RTSP or NDI).


Recording specifications

You can choose the recording format between : Apple ProRes, MPEG2, MP4 H.264.

The bitrate for video and audio can be adjusted.

You get 1TB of storage dedicated for records. You can archive your records via LAN or USB3 connection and free space.

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